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Our Top Recommendation
Super Commuter Couples: Staying Together When A Job Keeps You Apart

Thoughtful, insightful and professional. Although long distance relationships have always been a part of life, there are very few books that address this very modern phenomenon. Megan Bearce has the unique distinction of being both a therapist and a partner in a super commuter couple. Clearly a lot of research has gone into this book so that the information is entirely relevant for today. Easy to read in one sitting, but definitely something to return to as there are so many ah-ha moments. This book is essential reading for couples who find themselves living with extended separations from their loved ones. It is a valuable resource for counsellors, therapists, friends and family of commuter couples.

Also Recommended
Marriage on the Rock (10-Session DVD)

The best and most relevant Christian relationships resource available today. Jimmy Evans is founder and CEO of MarriageToday and co-host of MarriageToday with Jimmy & Karen. Jimmy is very easy to watch and it is clear that he speaks from his personal life and his own marriage to Karen. He is compassionate but direct in his approach to both men and women. This series covers issues that are sensitive and challenging to work through as a married couple. However, through his amazing ability to infuse a touch of humour at appropriate moments, Jimmy brings insights, truth and hope to heal relationships so vital to our families and society. Recommended for pre-marital couples, couples in turmoil and couples of any age wishing to learn more and engage more fully in their marriage.

Also Recommended
The Tao of Dating: The Smart Woman's Guide to Being Absolutely Irresistible

Dr Binazir is the older brother you wish you had! Life-changing advice for women from a wonderful man. His style is straightforward and humorous but always gentle and kind. There is so much common sense and practical advice that it is a relief to learn about dating and relationships from a male point of view. Primarily teaching about self love and self respect, it is more than a dating guide. It is for smart women who want to feel happier about themselves and have deeper relationships with those already in their lives. A book to read many times, you will come away from each experience feeling more confident, inspired and free. And your dating life will improve as a side-effect!

Also Recommended
The Secret Language of Relationships

Enormously entertaining and surprisingly accurate! This book offers possibilities of why we are drawn to certain people and why, despite our best efforts and intentions, we just cannot click with particular others. Dividing the year into 48 periods of 6-9 days, the authors describe each period as a much more specific type than the traditional sun signs. This makes for over 1000 possible relationship combinations. Each of these compatibilities are colorfully outlined in less than a page, so you will find yourself checking out all of your love, friendship, family and work relationships and for those around you. This is a fun and beautiful coffee table book. Warning: may amaze and astound!

Also Recommended
Relationship Rescue: A Seven-Step Strategy for Reconnecting With Your Partner

This audio CD is the perfect companion for the original book plus accompanying workbook. Dr Phil's no-nonsense, trademark "tell it like it is" approach is even more appreciated when hearing his voice on this audiobook. The whole package is easy to use, the assessments are very powerful and reveal our own contributions to each day in our partnership thus providing the power to change our experience. With7 steps and a 14-day program, this is a precise and achieveable process which encourages in-depth reflection and rewards those who take the "risk of intimacy".

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